Chief, Programme Support Section, Information Centres Service, Department of Public Information, United Nations
New York, NY


Director, Rain Barrel Communications, Award-winning Journalist, Former United Nations Official
New York, NY

Arnold Katz

“The artwork we live with is very personal to us. Many works are by friends. Others remind us of the varied places in the world that we have lived and worked, from Mexico City to South Africa.

“Marjorie’s work, in particular, is special to us because in our discussion of it—her inspiration or the emotional content—the conversation becomes part of the piece, creating a kind of intimacy.”

“Devil’s Hour” and “Of Steel and Straws, and Strength and Sting” Marjorie Morrow

“Modern Moment” Marjorie Morrow

Above: “Devil’s Hour” and “Of Steel and Straws, and Strength and Sting” Pastel, 14 x 10 inches each, from the 9/11 Series: “First Response 9/11:
A Spontaneous Series of Drawings Created in the Aftermath of September 11”

Center: Zulu basket from Durban, S.A.

Left: Paul & Helene, dividing their time between upstate New York’s Sullivan County and their work in the world

Right: “Modern Moment” 1987, Acrylic, 30 x 24 inches