KG: Photographer, Kayaker, Music Lover, & Executive Assistant / MG: Drummer, Sound Engineer, & Data Manager

Marjorie Morrow River Flow
“River Flow”, 2003-04, Oil & collage on canvas,
18 x 28 inches
Marjorie Morrow's Toward Binghamton
“Toward Binghamton”,
1994, Watercolor,
8.5 x 11 inches

“Two of our pieces coincide with special events in our life. “Toward Binghamton” will always be linked to the time and place we were married. through its colors and subject. And while we were all waiting for our son (Wolfgang) to be born, Marjorie depicted—en plein air—a beautiful, full August moon. Her colors are so vivid, it literally jumps off the wall at you.”

Kathryn Greene and Mike Guba

“At Marjorie’s show in Greenwich, Ct., as we came to the last piece—“River Flow”—we both had the same reaction: it stole our hearts! Just as in music, there’s a quiet, blank, still part of the canvas that speaks volumes.”

KG: “I feel blessed to have Marjorie’s artwork in my home; every night, I smile and say goodnight to it.”

Marjorie Morrow's Wolfgang's Full Moon

“Wolfgang’s Full Moon”, 1996, Pastel on paper, 18 x 24 inches