Richard Weidner

Manager of International Marketing
Conventions, (Retired) NCR Corporation
Dayton, OH

“My collection of Marjorie Morrow’s art represents many periods of her work and all of it has great meaning for me. The first piece my brother Gary and I acquired was a colorful, hard-edge silk screen which still hangs beautifully over my fireplace.

“Each piece speaks to me in its own way. In my kitchen hang two quite different prints—one black and white etching, also in the collection of the Museum of the Dayton Art Institute, depicts utensils in an opened drawer; the other, the brilliant yellow “Sprung Onions,” I fell in love with immediately. Everyone should have beautiful art in their kitchen.”

“My latest acquisition is the 2013 painting “Give me freedom, or give me...” purchased in NYC on my 80th birthday. Through the years, seeing each piece every day has made my home very special. Art makes a home live!

<< Richard at home in Centerville with “Nighttime Sunrise” 1987. Acrylic on canvas 30 x 24 inches

“Give me freedom, or give me...” 2013. Mixed media on canvas 17 x 9 inches >>

Below left:

“Corkscrew Still Life” 1968. Etching, aquatint 11.75 x 15 inches

“Sprung Onion” 1971. Etching, aquatint 15.75 x 20.5 inches

<< “Canal Mystery” 2007. Mixed media on canvas 10 x 24 inches

“Merarjoram“ 1965. Serigraph 14 x 19.5 inches