Marjorie Morrow

Marjorie Morrow is an abstract painter who lives in New York. After living and working in Manhattan for fifty years, she relocated her studio, in 2018, to the beauty of the Upper Delaware River Valley in upstate NY’s Catskill Mountains. She exhibits in Chelsea, NYC, and in venues in Sullivan County and has exhibited her paintings and prints since the late 1960’s. She is married to the musician Alan Freedman.

Working with mixed media, and sometimes collage, Morrow utilizes various rubbing techniques (frottage), using both industrially fabricated grids and metal meshes as well as natural elements such as tree bark. She works in series, and in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6x6 inches to 6x6 feet.   

“My paintings are about energy and freedom, gestural interpretations of what I see/feel in my environment. While my work is abstract, it is informed by the natural landscape and inspired by many sources—music, literature, the myriad workings of our contemporary cultural climate. All these influences factor into the process.” 

Morrow particularly enjoys special projects and collaborations. Her “9/11: Response and Reflection” in 2011 includes a 3-minute video that can be viewed here as can her Art Orbit, an online presentation she created to feature collectors of her artwork. 

Catalog available here.
An abbreviated résumé is available here.

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