Anne L. May Santa Fe, NM

“Marjorie’s use of color and her sense of energy re-kindles the joy and wonder Philip and I experienced in nature. The simple truth is that her paintings transform the hallway of our Santa Fe home from an empty corridor into a joyful experience. Especially in winter, the vibrancy of her outdoor vignettes always lifts one’s spirits.”

It was at a brunch in my NYC loft that Philip and Anne first visualized the group of my mixed-media paintings soon to become a wall in their Santa Fe home.

Wall Grid: 2009, Mixed media on canvas,
20 x 22 inches each

“Daylight Savings” “First Day” “Sunday Morning Trees” “October Fog”

“Bow Season” “Blue Moon, New Year’s Eve” “Weather Converging on Two Hillsides” “Shadow Sweep”

“Prevailing Sunshine” 2013, Mixed media
on canvas,
72 x 40 inches

“Snow Moon”,
2013, Mixed media on canvas,
66 x 30 inches