Restless suburbanite, impoverished philanthropist, confused mother of a conservative
Boonton, NJ

“Winter Solstice” 2007
Acrylic and pencil on canvas,
19 x 25 inches

“Late August Sky” 2000
Acrylic, pastel, & charcoal
on canvas, 36 x 30 inches

“Collecting is a passion. From the moment I bought my first piece in the 1980’s, I was hooked on the energy and vibrance of Marjorie’s work. I’ve discovered that acquiring art does not require enormous wealth, it is just a question of priority. The choice between a new canvas and almost anything else is a no-brainer. Not only do these paintings make my home beautiful and unique to all others, but they will always be current. Trends change, but art is always relevant.”

Jackie and her son,
Gianni, now share
a passion for collecting

“Jackie” 1985 Felt marker line drawing

“Lotus Club, NYC” 1987 Oil on canvas,
24 x 30 inches