Senior Vice President, Retired, Endurance US Insurance Services, NYC, a Bermuda based international reinsurance organization.
Plymouth, MA

Arnold Katz

“I first saw this painting when visiting Marjorie’s home and studio in the Catskills while there for a concert at the original Woodstock festival site. I wanted something special (and large) for the main wall in my sunrise sitting room. The vibrant colors of “Backlit Morning Trees,” and it‘s size, were perfect for my space and my special lady at the time later surprised me with this beautiful gift.

Backlit Morning Trees by Marjorie Morrow

Fast forward: Today I’m in a new home high up on a coastal ridge in the Pinehills of Plymouth, MA. “BLMT” is the centerpiece of the dining room. It is the perfect abstract representation of a beautiful moment in nature. The painting faces the western end of its new home where, on almost a nightly basis, we are treated to spectacular sunsets—perhaps meant to inspire a sister painting: Backlit Evening Trees.”

“Backlit Morning Trees”
Acrylic & charcoal
on canvas
42 x 56 inches