Elinore Antell

Fundraiser, reality TV enthusiast, and native New Yorker

Other available pastels from the series:

“I loved Marjorie’s drawing of the Catskill mountains the moment I saw it. Originally, it was in the traditional place of honor...over the sofa in my living room. But I realized I was not getting to spend enough time with it because I was rarely in that room. So I moved it to the true place of honor...over my desk in my office. These days, it has even more meaning to me because it reminds me of the view from my son’s college campus in the Hudson Valley.”

“In Sullivan County” 1996 Pastel on BFK Rives Paper 20 x 26 inches

“Road on the Way”
“November 2, 1996”
“November 3, 1996”
“November 10, 1996”