Dancer, Educator, Therapist; Facilitator of Movement & Personal Growth
Boston, New York, Europe, Israel

“I like the freedom I feel when I relate to an artist’s work. In “November Sunset” I relate to the sunset. It resonates with who I am . . . movement from a dancer’s perspective, the sunsets and sunrises over the Mediterranean, the “heat haze” in Israel, and the glistening on the water.”

“Studio Door, Truro”
Watercolor, pastel,
& charcoal,
6 x 4 inches

“November Sunset” 2004 Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

“In my daily life and work with clients, I choose to be mindful: to live the moment fully. Inspiration, for me, comes from the visual—especially meaningful artwork by those I respect. Having traveled extensively in my life, I am now surrounded by the wild, incredible light of the outermost Cape.”